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ADO_icon_web_Identify your needs
Identify your needs

We work directly with you to find the right recruitment solutions that match the goals of your business

Source and screen

We work to quickly to identify the best people for your business using our extensive database and candidate attraction programs.

Match talent to business
Match talent to business

We give you a fully vetted shortlist and work hard to fill your open vacancies quickly so you can maintain productivity, even in peak times

Training before the job
Training before the job

We work with you to make sure everyone you hire is ready for work on the first day, complete with our safety-first attitude

Your advantages with Adecco
  • ADO_icon_web__60 countries

    48 Countries

  • ADOiconweb50 Clients

    1,000s of Clients

  • ADO_icon_web__450 Locations

    3,800 Locations

  • ADO_icon_web__70 000 Workers

    500,000 People on assignment

Our Industries

We help you unlock your business potential across any industry.
Adecco specializes in identifying and placing top-tier talent, seamlessly spanning diverse sectors to meet your staffing needs.  

Recruitment Solutions

Unlock your business potential with Adecco Staffing Solutions. Learn more about our full catalog of offerings for organizations of any scale.

Temporary placement
Temporary Placement

We manage the entire temporary recruitment process, from candidate search to payroll and administration.

ADOiconwebDiversity  inclusion
Diversity & Inclusion

Use our expertise to find the most diverse and capable talent in the market.


Future-proof your workforce with training, upskilling, and reskilling.

ADO_icon_web__Permanent placement
Permanent Placement

From sourcing to shortlisting, we guarantee the right match for your direct hire needs.


Whether it’s RBO, BPO, HR Service, or more, we have got you covered.

The Adecco Reach in Canada
  • ADOiconweb50 Clients

    1,000s of Clients

  • ADO_icon_web__450 Locations

    Locations all across Canada

  • ADO_icon_web__70 000 Workers

    100,000s Associates